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Nurjamal Nurpeisova, the designer of Nurshah, hails from an oil town in Western Kazakhstan and developed an interest in fashion at the age of 8-9. She always admired beautiful dresses and  cut out pictures from magazines. At the age of 13, Nurjamal began sewing her first dresses for her dolls, and later started crafting designs for her sisters. She would secretly take fabrics, rare during the Soviet era, from her mother's carefully preserved stash and cut them. The next day, her mother would discover the fabric leftovers.


It was with the first dress she made for her younger sister that she experienced her initial success and received her first orders from schoolmates. However, at that time, there was no demand for handmade sewing, and her parents guided her toward a different path.


In 2001, she fulfilled her long-time dream and opened her own atelier. Her love for Kazakh traditions, the Orient, and the desire to preserve craftsmanship inspired her to create her own brand, NURSHAH.


Nurjamal revolutionized the fashion scene in her country by creating her first collection in a modern style, combining hand-embroidered ancient Kazakh patterns. Gradually, her brand began to grow, and high-society fashion enthusiasts, including celebrities from Kazakhstan, took notice. The brand is also known in Qatar, Dubai, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Her creations reflect the soul, history, and traditions of the Kazakh people.

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