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The passion for the profession

Cutting technician and lover of beautiful materials, Isabelle Luzet favors naturalness with sophisticated accents. Authenticity and accuracy are its mottos.

Trained with Bruno Pittini, iconic artistic director of Maison Dessange, she mastered textures, then style, with great rigor, from Paris to New York.

Chance calls out to him to take his first steps in the cinema. Thanks to Gainsbourg, whom she takes care of, she meets Claude Berri and accepts his proposal to direct Germinal's hairstyle. For the love of the profession, of doing well and of making it beautiful, she plays period films: "La Veuve de Saint-Pierre" by Patrice Leconte or "Les Enfants du Siècle" by Diane Kurys, starring Juliette Binoche, for whom she became the appointed hairdresser. To be as fair as possible with the characters, she feeds on her research in libraries and her visits to museums where she immerses herself in paintings and history books that delight her.

Movie sets at the opening of a new place

While continuing filming, shootings for magazines, parades, metamorphoses or beautification of celebrities (Daniel Auteuil, Isabelle Hupert, Catherine Deneuve, Alain Chabat, Raphaël, Laetitia Casta, Julianne Moore, Julie Gayet or Vahina Giocante) or crowned heads, she dreams of a hair salon that is different.

Having become a mother and eager to share her know-how and her experience, Isabelle Luzet imagines a place to anchor herself, and which brings together all her passions.

Nestled in the heart of the Olympia district and its theaters, the show opens its doors to a warm and intimate atmosphere, with its individual cabins, between memories of shootings and fashion sequences.

Line of accessories and care Isabelle Luzet

Since her beginnings in the profession, Isabelle Luzet has never ceased to draw on her experiences to imagine new treatments and accessories that reflect her values.

Treating herself with essential oils for more than 20 years, she wanted for the Baume du Coiffeur ingredients of natural origin and falling within a sustainable perspective, at the service of beauty. Beyond the care, the Balm also wants to be a refined gesture; that of perfume, and is thus available in 3 olfactory notes with subtle tones.

Society and Women are also her sources of inspiration. Listening to her contemporaries, Isabelle Luzet imagines for them "The Hairdresser's Tools", a collection of pins combining practicality and aesthetics, companions of the contemporary woman's daily life. One can be enough to permanently fix the beauty of the day.

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