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Ewa Gawkowska and Malgorzata Szczesna portrait
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The genesis of a Haute Couture House

Behind the Couture creations of La Métamorphose hides a family history and beautiful values. THE OFFICIAL reveals it to you.


by Pauline Borgogno for L'Officiel France




At the origin of La Métamorphose: two Polish sisters, Ewa and Margaret. Close to their grandmother, a seamstress based in Paris half the year, the two young girls spend their holidays in the capital. They are immersed in this incredible environment that is fashion. Their ancestor teaches them sewing with rigor and high standards, and transmits to them her passion for beautiful work, well done.

It is from this inherited passion that the two sisters later embark on a fashion adventure that continues. Together, they create The Metamorphosis of a Common Love. Their goal: to sublimate women, shape them, liberate them... Transform them. Supported by their parents, they create their company, solid and prosperous.





Initially, they established themselves in the fashion landscape with the opening of a store under their own name in Warsaw. Very quickly, they created their luxury ready-to-wear line, alongside a tailor-made offer. With their know-how, they were noticed by renowned personalities and began to dress actresses, and singers. An incredible opportunity for both of them, who have been rocked by the sound of classical music and opera since their early childhood. Thanks to this beautiful showcase, their tailor-made clientele tends to develop beyond the simple borders of Poland.  




Ewa and Margaret have a special attachment to France. Capital of fashion, it is also the cradle of their love for sewing – where they were able to learn everything from their grandmother. From then on, they spent 6 months of the year between Paris and Saint Tropez — having a second home there, which was quickly transformed into a workshop.
France being their second home, they decided to open a showroom workshop, more specifically in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of the capital. The work began a few moments before the pandemic, before being completed not long ago. It is in this sacred setting that the sisters were able to produce the majority of their latest Spring-Summer 2022 Couture collection.





La Métamorphose can pride itself on offering Couture synonymous with excellence. Each creation is handmade, and you will not find any industrial machinery in their Parisian workshop. It is undoubtedly thanks to this honorable singularity that their French tailor-made clientele is developing rapidly. Since January 2019 — and even in the midst of a pandemic — the House has always made it a point of honor to present its Haute Couture pieces. The common thread of their creations: an eclectic inspiration, but above all artistic.


The creations of La Métamorphose are more noticeable every day, and have naturally appeared on the Cannes red carpet since the 2019 edition. In addition to their high quality, the pieces are popular for their ethical commitment. The production is mainly done in France - or failing that in Poland, their land of origin. All the finishes come from French excellence with pleats and embroidery that require months of meticulous work in the workshop. Finally, the values of the sisters continue to the sourcing of their productions: both very steeped in respect for the environment, they ensure that their ready-to-wear is 100% organic certified, and their Couture eco-responsible. This is the case with their signature piece, the butterfly dress, for which the handmade painting is totally organic. Strengthened by this commitment, the Maison Haute Couture is exported to the largest states in the world – including China, the United States, England and Singapore. As proof: the American star Carrie Underwood also succumbed to the emblematic butterfly piece for her concerts in Las Vegas... This wonderful fairy tale has only just begun for the two sisters.

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